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Moth to a Flame Candle Company

The Virgin (Virgo)

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Virgo!  You are the epitome of a hard work.  Your attention to detail and your commitment to perfection are unmatched.  While these are amazing traits to have, you can sometimes be viewed as overly critical and extremely picky.  This fragrance is an awesome blend of palm and aloe on top, oak, leather & patchouli in the middle, and vanilla, smoke & whiskey on the bottom.  The blend is perfection.


Soy wax

Premium fragrance oils

How to use

The first time you burn your candle, allow it to burn for about two hours.  This allows it to burn evenly (prevent tunneling) and the fragrance is heightened.

Trim your wicks. Wicks tend to mushroom while burning. Trimming your wick eliminates mushrooming and minimizes soot creating during burning time.  About 1/4 of an inch is a good length to keep your wick at.

Extinguishing your flame can be done multiple ways (I still old school blow mine out).  Some people place the lid on the flame to smother it.  However, I've learned that dipping your wick into the melted wax is also a way of dousing out the flame. 

Customer Reviews

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I didn’t like this candle at all. The throw was a zero out of ten. I had to put my nose right near the candle to smell anything at all. That’s a shame too cause Virgo is my zodiac sign.