It's Magnetic...

Connecting you to your favorite past times and most memorable moments through a fragrance.

  • 2 in 1

    This selection of warmers offers the convenience of being able to warm candles AND wax melts.  So, depending on the day, pick which fragrance avenue you'd like to explore and go for it!

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  • Into the Light

    These jazzy wax melt warmers not only emit wonderful fragrances, they emit light!  I see aromatic fragrance and warm light in your future.  Sounds like a whole mood!

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  • Flip Dish

    These wax melt warmers have silicone dishes that allow you to just pop the dish out and empty the dried wax.  Great for changing fragrances often and without a mess.

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Oh, Sagittarius

Sagittarius, your spirit is so light and fun.  Though you can be a bit idealistic and impulsive at times, you are adventurous and spontaneous.  The Centaur blends a few fall scents that hold their own by themselves but are rich together.  In this fragrance you'll get equal parts patchouli, sandalwood, sweet tobacco, and vanilla; intellectual, optimistic, fair-minded, and living in the moment.  Just like you, dear Sagittarius.

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We're not finished yet...

Would you prefer to not place your candles directly on your furniture?  How about a piece that is simple and elegant and easily matches any decor?  Try our candle coasters!  These beautifully handmade pieces are sure to complement your candles perfectly!

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